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Laser Hair Removal for All Skin Tones



After 20 years of laser experience, we guarantee great results. After 6 treatments, spaced approximately 6 weeks apart, you can expect a MINIMUM of an 80% permanent reduction. Some exclusions do apply. See below. The Laser Goddess Guarantee: If after 6 treatments (excluding facial or any hair from the neck up), at the prescribed intervals of six weeks, at the prescribed setting, you don't have an 80% reduction, Laser Goddess will offer free treatments until 80% is achieved.  


Exclusions- Very light brown or red hair often require 8 treatments. Results cannot be guaranteed for facial hair. Current use or a history of the use of certain medications during or after laser treatment series may impede results. Please inquire if you take medication, it may alter results. A diagnosis of PCOS, PCOD or hirsutism. Additionally, some people (less than 10%) need to use a topical anesthetic to tolerate the required strength. Occasionally, there are people that topical anesthetics do not work for. Sadly, laser hair removal does not work for gray, white or blond hair. Except for the conditions named above, if you can tolerate a fairly strong setting, it is guaranteed to work. When the setting is effective, you can see the hair singe and disintegrate. 


About Laser Goddess

The Laser Goddess has been in business for 15 years and has a total of 20 years of laser experience. Beth, the owner has trained many people for hair removal , vascular defect reduction and skin rejuvenation..  My experience includes  intra-operative CO2 resurfacing. My training began with the first nationwide company to offer laser hair removal, Spa Thira/ Thermolase Corporation. As an R.N.,  I know how important it is for every client to feel safe and cared for.  Every client should be totally satisfied with their results. 


What Can I Expect?

For your first treatment, you can shave or trim 3 days before, so the laser is calibrated to be perfectly compatible with your hair and skin type. The laser wand will glide above your skin and you will feel a constant rush of cold air. The air cools your skin and distracts from the heat generated by the tiny implosion of the hair under the surface of your skin. The skin will become irritated like it does from waxing or threading. For some people the hair can take up to a week to fall out. It may look like it is growing before it falls out. If you pull it gently, voila! It comes right out, the follicle has been disabled! Your skin will be wonderfully smooth for a few weeks. You will return in 6 weeks for the next treatment. Most often for facial hair, the recommended intervals are every 3 weeks.

Please do not apply any irritating creams, such as retinoids, acid washes, exfoliants before or after the treatment. A week is usually sufficient. However, every product and person is different, so we need to customize this for you.

About Laser Hair Removal


Is it Permanent?

It is called a permanent reduction. After 6 full treatments, you will have a MINIMUM of an 80% PERMANENT reduction. You may opt to get some touch up treatments, (they will cost far less than the original treatments). Many clients choose to do maintenance treatments before the summer starts or before going on a vacation to a warm sunny place. This will eliminate whatever hair is left over. For example, you may be able to count 10 hairs in the bikini area above the pubic bone or 20 hairs on each lower leg. Your body may generate some new hair in the years after the laser treatment series. That hair is 9 out of 10 times very thin and  long and there are very few! You will never feel like you wasted your time and money. That is why it is accurate to say that laser hair removal is called a 'Permanent Reduction'. The only exception to this is taking medications that stimulate hair growth, PCOS, hirsutism or huge hormonal changes such as pregnancy. Both instances may stimulate a new crop of hair, but you will never return to what you started with. Experience has shown that facial hair is resistant and it will require more frequent maintenance. It is definitely a permanent reduction, you will never have to struggle with waxing, tweezing and shaving again!! It is one of the best inventions of the 21st Century.


How many treatments will I need?

Hair grows in cycles. The laser treatment can effectively disable hair follicles that are in the early growth cycle. Approximately 10 -20% of your hair is in that early cycle, so each laser treatment will treat that amount each time. The rest of the hair will be ejected out of the follicle and/or attenuated, but it's growth cells are not effected. Most people require 6 treatments for an area to get an 80 to 90% permanent reduction. If you are fortunate you will see great results by your fourth treatment. It is best to come back for your next treatment when you have approximately 20% regrowth, which is the recommended interval of 4 to 6 weeks. If you wait too long , it will not be in an early growth phase. All lasers require the same amount of treatments, because it is the hair growth cycles that effect the amount of treatments. Dark and coarse hair gets the best results. If you did not get good results at another laser center after 6 treatments, it is usually because your hair was not treated aggressively. Many places that offer steep discounts, such as Group-on deals, do not give effective treatments, so they can bait you into spending more money.


Does it hurt?

 Well, I am still waiting to meet the person that says "laser treatments feel good". People say it is worth it because they love the results. They even thank me BEFORE the next treatment, not usually right after it. Seriously, no one says it feels good, most say it hurts, but it is tolerable because it is not for a long time. Only 10% or less of the people that I have treated over the years use a topical anesthetic. I will recommend using the over the counter anesthetic to people that cannot tolerate the treatment. These clients usually ask me to stop frequently and to turn it lower.

More and Essential Information About Laser Hair Removal


What will I look like right after the laser treatment?

Most people have reddened skin that lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours. Some of the hair comes out during thetreatment and the rest will come out during the next few days. Sometimes areas that have very dense and coarse hair, like some men's backs can have some slight redness that lasts a few days. It is similar to how you look after waxing or threading. Then you are totally smooth!

Is there anything I need to worry about?

  • There are a few precautions. YOU MUST REPORT ANY SUN EXPOSURE, TANNING BED USE OR SELF TANNERS.  There is a laser we can use if you have had sun, however we need to customize treatment for you. If your hair is very light, it is best we don't use that laser. 
  • No treatments for  pregnant ladies. 
  • If you have ever taken ANY medication, we need to know, you will need to wait 6 months.
  • Report any medications that make you sensitive to the sun.
  • Please let me know you are or recently have been under the care a doctor for any medical conditions.
  • Always report any topical skin care products you use. ( such as  exfoliants, lightening products, acid washes, retinoid or enzyme products, vitamin C products), peels or dermabrasion of any sort.

Skin Care After the Treatment

  • You can shower normally.
  • Do not take baths, use hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas or pools until any irritation is gone and your skin looks normal. 
  • Avoid heavily perfumed lotions, powder, acid, lightening or enzyme products or exfoliants for at least 1 week after the irritation has subsided.
  • Do not use deodorant for 3 days if you treated your underarms.
  • Makeup can be applied once swelling is gone with clean hands, brushes or sponges. 
  • Avoid the sun for 1 week after the irritation is resolved. 
  • Report any discomfort, stinging, itching, swelling or discoloration past 12 hours. 

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