IPL Photo Facial = Clear Skin


Clear Skin

Is Only 2 Months Away with 90 Minutes of Your Time


The Story of a Sun Worshipper

 This 36 year old woman of European descent (Italian) enjoys sunbathing. Her summer and winter holidays revolve around the sun. Every year she noticed more spotty, uneven skin tone, despite regular sunscreen use in recent years. Her skin bothered her everyday, as she would not leave home without applying foundation to cover up the sun damage. 

After watching a lady in a tv reality series get IPL PhotoFacials with great results, she educated herself and made an appointment! 

She came in for an appointment on a Friday so she could be sure she had time to recover. Cold gel was applied before the treatment and  a soothing cool mask was applied after. She left with mild redness and felt some slight stinging. Over the weekend she was nervous, as the spots became much darker. Then every day after the weekend she was more thrilled to see the dark spots disappear! By day 7, she could see an amazing difference. Her confidence was restored and she could leave home without makeup.

Information IPL PhotoFacial Rejuvenation

What is an IPL PhotoFacial for? 

This treatment is for people with uneven skin tone and freckles (hyperpigmentation) that is usually caused by frequent sun exposure. The areas typically treated are the face, décolleté and hands. If your primary goal is for brown spots and uneven skin tone, this treatment is for you. It can diminish broken capillaries, generalized redness and decrease pore size. 

How Does It Work?

It is called a PhotoFacial because an IPL, Intense Pulsed Light, flashes  like a camera flash. Your esthetician places a cold crystal above your skin and presses a button that causes the light to flash. The light interacts with the unwanted pigment and causes it to dry up and fall off.


How Does the Treatment Feel?

IPL is bearable but can be a little uncomfortable for some people. It feels like a small warm rubber band snapping on the skin with bright flashes of light. The process lasts about 15 minutes (depending on the area being covered). 


Pre and Post Treatment Care

Pre treatment:

-No antibiotics for 14 days prior to treatment

-No AHA/BHA acids, chemical peels, retinol or harsh exfoliation 14 days prior to treatment

-No topical vitamin c 7 days prior to treatment.

-No sun exposure for 6 weeks prior to treatment

Post treatment:

-No working out, excessive sweating or overheating the area treated for 24 hours post treatment.

-No sun exposure for 14 days post treatment. A Broad Spectrum SPF of 30 or more must be worn at all times during the day and reapplied every 90 minutes if client is outside for a pro-longed period of time. A wide brimmed hat and sunglasses should be worn to help prevent exposure to UV rays.

-No AHA/BHA acids, chemical peels, retinol or harsh exfoliation for 10 days post treatment.

-Keep the skin hydrated with a hydrating moisturizer or Aquaphor  and only use gentle cleansers.